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Aged Care Transition

Aged Care Transition

18th August 2023


August 2023


To our valued communities, local councils and stakeholders,

 Over the past months, Gidgee Healing has progressed towards the end of our management of Aged Care facilities in the Lower Gulf with optimism that a suitable outcome will be found for our residents and communities. I am now very proud to share that a final, and positive result has been agreed upon.

 Gidgee Healing’s Board and I are delighted to announce that Selectability — a suitable and highly experienced provider — has been appointed to take on the management of the Aged Care facilities of Ngooderi House, Kukatja Place and Kuba Natha Hostel, as of 1 September 2023.

 Selectability has deep roots in rural and remote Queensland where it has delivered health and wellbeing services for over 40 years. I am confident that under their leadership, the needs of our residents and their families will continue to be provided for at the highest level.

 The success of this agreement is due to significant efforts on behalf of many of Gidgee’s staff and the Department of Health and Aged Care, to ensure we achieve an outcome that best serves our residents and communities. I wish to thank everyone who has been involved in this process, for their tireless work and commitment to the wellbeing of our residents.

Gidgee Healing will continue to provide for our residents throughout August and ensure a seamless handover of services is completed with no change or disruption to their daily lives.

We look forward to welcoming the Selectability team into our communities and working alongside them as we strive for equitable health outcomes for First Nations people in the North West and Lower Gulf.