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Aged Care

Aged Care

In January 2021 Gidgee Healing expended it's services to include Aged Care. Gidgee Healing delivers culturally safe Aged Care services to Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander people in Doomadgee, Normanton and Mornington Island.  Gidgee Healing provides residential care at Ngooderi House in Doomadgee, Kuba Natha Hostel on Mornington Island and Kukatja Place in Normanton, and delivers care to patients in their homes. Food is also delivered to approximately 50 community members through the Meals on Wheels service.

To find out more about Gidgee healing's Aged Care services, contact one of the facilities listed below.

Aged Care Facilities


Kukatja Place
65 Landsborough Street
15 Beds


Ngooderi House
Lot 33 Gunnalunja Drive
10 Beds

Mornington Island

Kuba Natha Hostel
Lot 159 Gulthaknad Street
15 Beds