Our Philosophy that is the foundation of everything – our heart, our head, our spirit and our actions.

The name Gidgee Healing is a tribute to the Gidyea or Gidgee tree, which is native to Mount Isa and other arid regions of Australia.  The tree has special significance to our traditional owners who have used it extensively for generations.

As a health care service provider, the essence of Gidgee Healing embodies the healing properties of it’s namesake plant in a literal sense, however, there are other parallels with the tree and its use that are deeply ingrained in the DNA of the organisation.  Resilience, healing, shelter, community, tradition, comfort, and care are all qualities associated with the use of the Gidgee tree and are embedded in our ethos.

The phrase ‘Gidgee Wood’ has become synonymous with the Gidgee Healing philosophy – the Gidgee way.  It’s how we talk about the way we do things.  The Gidgee Way or the Gidgee Wood is at the core of our purpose and principles and permeates everything we do.  It’s our litmus test and sense-check.  It’s the measure, mode and means by which we deliver services and make decisions.  It underpins our vision, mission and values and represents our present and our future.  And it’s the mirror we hold ourselves up to.

Just as the abundant healing and nurturing qualities of the Gidgee tree work across different spheres, so too does Gidgee Healing’s approach to wellness.  We are committed to working with every individual as a whole being – mind, body and spirit – not just a series of symptoms and pathologies to be ‘fixed’.  Our approach to healing embraces the physical, mental, emotional and cultural dimensions of everyone in our care.