Our Goal
To make a significant and growing contribution towards achieving equity in health outcomes for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across our geographic service area, including the Mount Isa, North West and Lower Gulf regions.

Our Vision
To provide high quality, sustainable and comprehensive Primary Health Care services that are culturally safe, responsive to community needs, and integrated with other complementary service providers.

Our Values

  • Cultural respect – Gidgee Healing recognises the cultural diversity that exists amongst its clients and respects the rights, views, values and expectations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in service delivery.
  • Health sector responsibility – Gidgee Healing recognises that, while responsibility for improvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health rests with the health system as a whole, it can play a key role in ensuring responsiveness of the sector.
  • Holistic approach – Gidgee Healing has adopted a view of health that encompasses the wellbeing of an individual, family and community, and recognises the broader social, cultural, spiritual and environmental influences on health.
  • Community control of primary health care – Gidgee Healing supports community control, participation and decision making as a fundamental component of the health system.
  • Building capacity – Gidgee Healing recognises the ongoing need to build capacity for improved health outcomes through both its own services and mainstream services, as well as through workforce, physical infrastructure and data management.
  • Working together – Gidgee Healing recognises the importance of working with a range of government, nongovernment and private providers to ensure coordination of efforts for maximum benefits to aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • Local decision making – Gidgee Healing is committed to local level consultation and input to health service planning and delivery.
  • Accountability – Gidgee Healing is committed to improving the health of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community of Mount Isa and the other communities in our geographical area.
  • Promoting good health – Gidgee Healing recognises the importance of illness prevention as a fundamental component of its health service delivery.